About Us

We manage a proprietary trading firm in downtown Toronto whose business has flourished through a singular focus on in-house developed rules-based trading strategies for derivatives trading.

Our strategies cover purely technical views of the markets as a whole with significant detail on the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. Our success ebbs from trading the single most powerful currency pair, the EUR/USD at approximately 30% of the volume traded in FOREX each day.

We have combined technical proficiency within a belief that a healthy trading career and business should be sustained through rigorous self-development and sensible life choices. We afforded ourselves a Stoic worldview and believe this to be our guiding principle. We neither impose nor declare optimum nor propose this worldview; we just live it and have experienced its rewards.

We do propose, strongly, technical know-how and self-care.

This is our approach to teaching, coaching and mentoring our rules-based strategies for trading the EUR/USD currency pair through the process of scalping.

Scalping is the process of taking advantageous positions in minute price movements in the asset being traded. In the case of FOREX the methodology works best because the market’s almost exact efficiency. Like no other market (stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, warrants, crypto-currencies or any other derivatives market) the FOREX market is the largest and most liquid trading at approximately USD$5 trillion a day.

FOREX trading is not for everybody and there is substantial risk in losing more than your initial invested capital. We do not offer trading or investment advice. We are teachers of one very exact strategy for trading the EUR/USD.

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